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4 benefits of Mobile Sales Management

In 2021, the number of mobile devices operating worldwide stood at almost 15 billion, up from just over 14 billion in the previous year. As a result, more and more people are becoming accustomed to carrying out their jobs on various devices, and the sales industry is no different. Mobile applications provide enormous benefits for sales management. The easy, 24/7 access for users and access to information on any device gives sales staff the freedom to work in the best way for them all while increasing their sales.

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5 reasons why integration between your software vendors is so important

Software integration combines different systems that solve a common business need or challenge to form a unique solution. With the wide range of software available, finding a solution that works for all aspects of your business can be overwhelming. Finding a core solution that integrates with various software applications removes the need and confusion caused by multiple interfaces, effective integration collates all software into one easy to use system.