ABM provides a range of optional modules including:

Advanced Business Manager provides a wide range of optional modules that can be added to the Core Accounting system, giving you the flexibility to create a software solution tailored specifically for your businesses unique requirements.

Having a range of modules that suit your specific needs means you’re getting exactly what you need and nothing you don’t! 

Our team are experts in creating tailored solutions to suit different needs, so get in contact today to see how we can help you get the most out of your business.

“ABM has a lot going on, its super flexible which means we don’t have to run 5 different systems we can just run ABM and it takes care of everything”


Andrew Collie

Livestock Supplies Ltd


CRM Module


ABM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is a powerful customer centric system, aimed at simplifying tasks such as client management, marketing, lead tracking and customer analysis, through anytime online access. With full integration of the ABM accounting system, and driven by a robust SQL database, the CRM software module provides a unique platform for accessing and utilising all your customer and supplier information.

See results with:

  • Efficient quality service
  • Effective promotions
  • Smart campaign tracking
  • Appointment and task scheduling
  • External party analysis
  • Any time, any where access



ABM’s Warehousing module provides logical control and organisation of stock, allowing users to create a hierarchal structure in each warehouse with multiple aisles, levels, etc. and a waiting area for goods not yet put away. The module uses “bins” to organise and group stock depending on the user’s grouping method, location, level or stage.

See results with:

  • Warehousing efficiency
  • Handling of consignment and bonded goods
  • Stock locating and internal tracking
  • Stock control
Online Retail



The ABM eCommerce module provides an excellent range of core eCommerce functionality and is a robust solution for businesses looking to deploy an eCommerce solution “out of the box”. The ABM eCommerce module includes a range of configuration options for users but is not able to be substantially customised by external web developers.

See results with:

  • Automate sales and customer account
  • Speed up order processing
  • Link websites and accounting in real-time
  • Secure sales with CommSecure™
  • Assist customers in finding products faster
  • Uncover trends through web analysis
  • Access stock and customer info remotely
  • Promote online specials

Asset Management


ABM’s Asset Management provides you with comprehensive tracking of all assets within your business. Simple yet flexible are basic concepts of the system, allowing you to free your time and resources. With our asset management software, asset inventory management has never been easier.

See results with:

  • Fast, user-friendly, control
  • Flexible depreciation methods
  • Convenient lease scheduling
  • Detailed audit trails, history and cost tracking
  • Multi-company tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting

Importing Costs


The module allows the workload for time intensive document generation to be moved from an individual work station to a designated document server. The module also enables consolidation of multiple forms into a single email or fax for convenience and size requirements.

See results with:

  • Accurately tracking changing costs
  • Controlling product margins
  • Managing shipment complexities
  • Forecasting shipping costs and profits
  • Handling shipment alterations
  • Analysing shipment profitability

Structured Stock


ABM Structured Stock module caters for businesses whose stock fits within the Style/Colour/Size model. For example a specific product type, such as a shoe, is referred to as a Style. This product can then be stocked under many colours, sizes or user-defined attributes, allowing the module to cater for a range of industries with segmented stock structures or service offerings.

See results with:

  • Stock organisation and classifications
  • Monitoring of segmented stock levels
  • Reporting and analysis on product ranges
  • Handling of sales and purchases of segmented stock

Branch Management


ABM Branch module allows you to effectively control operations over a multi-branch structure. Manage user permissions by branch, set up specific bank accounts, customer (debtor) and supplier (creditor) lists and even control the visibility and allocation of stock across multiple branches..

See results with:

  • Branch and personnel management
  • Branch reporting

Project Invoicing 


The ABM Project Invoicing module allows you to invoice charges to a job according to variable criteria, allowing fast flexible invoice creation for customer projects and jobs. It lets the user choose the amount to invoice, and the value of work in progress to be written off.

See results with:

  • Keeps track of previous invoice values
  • More visibility of cash flows from clients
  • Minimise the time spent on itemised invoices
  • Produces clear invoices with required level of detail

Service Management 


ABM Service Management is ideal for service companies who supply on-site service to their clients. It is applicable to a wide range of service industries such as equipment servicing, monitoring, field engineers, security, on-site services, tradesman and much more.

See results with:

  • Fast recording and retrieving of info
  • Time tracking and job profit monitoring
  • Effective job allocation to engineers
  • Quick call dispatching
  • Automatic billing and effortless invoice generating>
  • Reduced time spent on administrative duties
  • Job recording and account
  • 24hour on-site remote access

Subcontractor Claims 


The module is designed for entry of subcontractor claims against a job or project. This allows the set up of subcontractors as suppliers in the system and assigns them to specific jobs or projects, allowing the processing of interim claims submitted from subcontractors for the work done so far. A claim received by the main contractor is then entered through the subcontractors claim form, and is processed as an invoice from that subcontractor.

See results with:

  • Progress claims processing
  • Management of retention amounts to be claimed or paid
  • Accuracy in job cost tracking
  • Flexibility in applying discounts and work rates

Document Server


The module allows the workload for time intensive document generation to be moved from an individual work station to a designated document server. The module also enables consolidation of multiple forms into a single email or fax for convenience and size requirements.


Process queued print work from a single machine and manage the order and output of the document through a queue management utility. Place the burden of document processing on idle consoles, while freeing up frequently used stations.

Time delays
Setup processing work to be performed when stations are not in use, making sure stations are not held up during peak times.

Document consolidation
Consolidate documents in a queue to the same email address or fax number, by utilising Microsoft Fax Server. Also include attachments to documents being printed or emailed.


Sales management

ABM Opmetrix is a premium mobile sales solution designed to focus sales teams on automating day-to-day operations in the field, helping them to achieve effective management, time saving and accurate customer data recording. 

See results with: 

  • Eliminate manual re-keying of orders and invoices in the office 
  • Your sales team have access to current pricing and stock information 
  • Better productivity and more time for sales calls 
  • Customer satisfaction improves with better communication and call notes 

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