Specialised software solutions to suit a wide range of industries

ABM industry solutions fit with the Core Accounting system seamlessly to give your business one easy to manage system. 

From food manufacturing to construction, we know every business is unique so these industry solutions can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business, giving you confidence that ABM is right for you.

Office accounting



The core accounting system of ABM is the foundation for your business-wide IT solution. It has been designed to be the base system that seamlessly interact with other ABM modules to create a single-entry workflow. This system is available in Inventory and Job Costing versions to suit businesses involved in product and service offerings or both. 

Online Retail



ABM’s eCommerce solution  is designed for companies looking to promote and sell their products or services online.The eCommerce solution creates an intuitive web site easily tailored to a range of business scenarios and allow businesses to define how they trade with existing and potential customers, by showcasing products and providing a smooth channel for customer purchases.


Manufacturing Management


ABM’s Manufacturing Management System is a powerful software suite designed to simplify the process of planning and managing production processes. Integrating accounting, production, ordering, and inventory management, the system can control all aspects of the production and involved accounting process via an intuitive, user friendly interface.


Project Engineers


ABM Project Engineers Package is compiled with the ideal tools for managing a competitive business, with special focus on time and cost tracking through single-entry work flow.This package give you a competitive edge by enabling quick access to real time information, allows effortless time tracking and client billing and improves invoice accuracy and timing. ABM allows you to streamline job costing and project management, giving flexibility in timesheet entry for staff members.


Job Costing Management


ABM Job Costing is  perfect for any business needing to track time and materials being used on a ‘job’. Easily prepare estimates, agree contract values and choose to invoice the customer based on a quoted/contract value or the actual job costs; summarised or in full detail. Job costs can be split into stages, cost centres and between contract and variations. .




The ABM Construction Package is compiled with the ideal tools for a competitive business, with special focus on job cost management, invoicing and single-entry work flow. The package includes the core ABM accounting system with job costing, as well as the recommended Project Invoicing, Subcontractor Claims, Job & Timesheeting and Business Intelligence optional modules.


Food Industry


ABM’s food industry solution has the ability to create and track use by dates, buy and sell products by weight and/or volume, read or create barcodes, deal with different pack sizes and comprehensive special pricing are a few examples of features in the core ABM system that are a necessity for the food industry.


Wholesale and Distribution


ABM Wholesale & Distribution Package is compiled with the ideal tools for managing a competitive business, with special focus on stock and asset management. The package includes the core ABM accounting system with stock control, as well as the recommended Warehousing, Structured Stock, Asset Management and Business Intelligence optional modules.

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