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The Trak Group (Trak) is dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of your buildings. Trak offers a comprehensive range of services – HVAC, electrical, building controls, energy management, security systems, and water treatment – through it’s dynamic group of businesses.

The team at Trak Group (Trak) had become very frustrated with their previous system. The primary system had a significant disconnect between the financial and operational aspects of the information. The opportunity then arose to implement ABM.

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The Trak Group (Trak) which is made up of Trak Security, Control Air, Trak Air Con, Bio-Cell and Air Assist had expanded at a rapid pace over the past few years. Casey Costello, General Manager for Trak, said that they required a fully integrated solution.

Data was incomplete and wasn’t being maintained adequately “Our biggest challenge was the fact that our data was incomplete and wasn’t being maintained properly”. Another major issue that Trak faced with the previous system was the disconnect between the financial and operational aspects of the information.

The Solution


Casey said that the most noticeable benefit for Trak is the single point of data entry. “We want everything to be captured, from the start of a job when we quote it through to total completion”. She continues, “We have so many different companies, giving our staff a system that captures information in one place made daily processes a lot easier”.

With a large client base and a focus on detailed building information, accurate data is essential. Whether installing a new system, providing a reactive service or scheduled maintenance to an existing system, ABM is integral to Trak’s business processes.

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The Result


Casey commented on the excellent support she receives from the ABM team. “The team is very responsive if we need custom fields or anything pertaining to our business the team get on to it straight away”. She adds, “ABM provided the framework, and with Trak’s knowledge of the system, and working with Owen from ABM, we were able to develop reports and systems to support how we wanted to do business”.

Casey sums up how ABM has impacted on the way the group does business by noting “ABM is our point of difference in the market, the quality of information we have and the transparency is unbeatable”.

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