”The automated reporting module enables reports to be scheduled for on a regular basis to our team of sales agents across Australasia ensuring they always have current data available. Concept have provided customisations required to meet special reporting needs and EDI requirements for dispatching orders from Sydney warehouses.”

Fergus StephensDenstock

“ABM helps us to provide a professional interface with our clients. We are able to repeat processes, nothing slips through the gaps and that means we can maintain the standard of professionalism we want. In many cases, we have been able to eliminate physical handling of paper, that has helped us and has resulted in spending less time on admin and more time with our clients.”

Nick ConlanPacificvet

“Through ABM, we know exactly what is required to be done and can capture all the detail of work carried out. This transparency and consistency is invaluable in the building management environment providing assurance of compliance and accountability.”

Casey CostelloTrak Group

“It’s faster, and easier to process and the scanned invoices are easier to bring up when needed…The main benefit is the time saving, the fact that you have visibility over documents so you locate detail and go to the source documents faster.”

Jaclyn KeenanGolden Homes Waikato/Taranaki